A World Motivated by Accolades

One Man Show

One Man Show

What happened to the days where people lived their lives in cooperation instead of competition? Where people “Loved thy neighbor” instead of secretly relishing in their defeats. Have thoughts of compassion, sincerity and generosity slowly slipped away from our minds, only to be replaced by venomous words such as “superior” or “better”?

Observing the world around me, I’m left with the thought that we are heading down a path of self-destruction. The obsession with receiving accolades consumes the minds of many and leaves those incapable of reaching high feats in the dust. This need for recognition, for societal approval, is embedded in our minds from a young and we strive to feel accepted and as though we are a part of a team. However, it is not sufficient to simply be a member of this team, we are taught from a young age that we must be the most valuable member on our team. In elementary school we are taught that a person who receives an A is smart, and a person who receives a F is not. With age, this seed of receiving the best grades grows in our minds and we develop a need to feel like a lion in a pride.

How do we move away from this thought process and learn to live contently in a hurd? How do we  create a society where words such as “equal” are more important than “best”? Perhaps we need to change the system in which we raise our children and remind them that their friends are not their competition, they are their support system.

Food for thought…..

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One thought on “A World Motivated by Accolades

  1. I wanted to leave a reply saying that this was the best blog that I have ever read, but taking in the lesson of the day, I will rephrase, and just say, not bad… keep it coming..

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