The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Who I am suppose to be
I’m stuck in an infinite duality
People telling me I can be anything I wanna be
Yet they confine me to the norms of society.

I was told that the sky was the limit
And that I can’t is as powerful as me saying I can overcome it
I could dominate the world, if I put my mind to it.
But then I’m held back by people
Telling me to stop, breathe, settle down and get married.

They tell me I’m 25
So its time to put my dreams aside
They tell me to stop living in a dream world
And to focus on what matters in life
A wife, kids, a steady job
If they opened their eyes they’d see I could become so much more.
Afraid of their own insecurities,
They try to pull me back.

A lone solider
Trying to make my mark on the world
Trying to make a change for a greater good.
The life they once told me I could lead
They tell me to put on indefinitely on hold.
I have the courage and the strength to accomplish anything.

These invisible bars they put around me
Are starting to suffocate me.
They’re slowly changing me.
I can feel it in my mind,
These voices, they’re overtaking me.
My subconscious thoughts are they my own
Or are they the words of those around me.
Do I want to break free of the norms of society,
And become the man I was destined to be.
People around me are confusing me.
Who have I become,
I’m losing my own identity.

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