The Swinging Door

It's direction depends on opinion....

It’s direction depends on perspective


They say that when one door closes that another one opens up, but what about the time you spend in the hallway waiting…. hoping for a serendipitous moment. You spend your days knocking from door to door hoping that one will open up. Trapped in a momentary lapse of tunnel vision, where the walls appear to be closing in, we forget to enjoy the process of personal growth. We ignore the opportunity to take advantage of the lessons that life is trying to teach us.

What is life trying to teaching us? A wise person once told me that sometimes when a door closes it is because the standards we set for ourselves are too low. That we need to re-evaluate our goals and set ones that are worthy of us. If we are fortunate enough, we will realize our potential instead of getting discouraged. Become proactive participants in our lives instead of victims of circumstance. Fully engross ourselves in the opportunity to learn about ourselves and our potential and create open doors where doors once failed to exist.

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