My World Is Coming To An End. My Life Is Perfect.

eyeSilencing the mind is often a different task. We over think, over analyze, become concrete statuses and fail to move with the environment around us. We get stuck in our minds, become victims of our worries and forget that events and obstacles have been placed in front of us to help us grow as individuals. To help us realize our full potential and to become better people.

Little do we realize, we are wasting our lives away worrying, waiting, and hoping for something
to change.  When all we need to do is change our perspective. We need to start seeing every challenge as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to become stronger, to make the world a better place. We need to see ourselves as the seeds of the future and to feed ourselves with positive energies that will help us flourish, and make an impact in the communities we live in.
We are all important pieces of the puzzle of our community and without us the picture would remain incomplete. Our piece is defined and crafted by the obstacles and hurdles we overcome, and we need to appreciate our value, and accept that our piece of our community’s puzzle is unique.

Through our personal experiences we also help others better craft their puzzle pieces.  Oftentimes, others seek our advice when faced with difficult situations. We are only able to provide them with valuable advice if we are been exposed to or faced with a similar situation, and overcome it. Our personal growth is strongly inter-related to the overall picture and we need to appreciate that we can only help our communities if we accept the challenges we face in our own lives and grow from them.

We need to remain present in our lives. Be strong, be active and most importantly stay motivated. We need to change our perspective and understand that there is a rainbow at the end of every tunnel, we just been to open our minds to seeing it.

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