Living On A Battlefield

Midway 70th Anniversary

I’m Right. You’re Wrong. I Win. You Lose.  When did everything we do turn into a competition? When did we stop seeing people for who they are and start viewing them as a competitor? We live our lives standing at attention in a battlefield. Waiting for our next conquest. We constantly feel that we need to be heard. We have a need to vocalize our thoughts, express our opinions and fight to make another person understand how our actions are the right ones.

Through doing this, we miss out on the best part of life. We miss the opportunity to learn about people; understand their thoughts and learn about their past experiences. Every person on this planet immerses him/herself in different experiences, digests information differently and grows. We would benefit from taking the time to stop and just listen. Listen to their opinion, to their rationale and remember that their intent is good. Their approach in expressing their thoughts may not be great, but when you remove factors such as their tone of voice, and get to the root of what they are saying, there is beauty in the spoken word. That beauty can only be realized when we start to see each other as equals and appreciate the others word, and work in cooperation instead of competition.

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