Perfect Imperfections


My nose is too long. My butt is too flat. My butt is too big. We all have that one thing we don’t like about ourselves. We know that we’re not perfect but we continue to analyze ourselves through a microscope.  Why do we judge ourselves so harshly?

We crave cosmetic procedures that ‘repair’ our perfect imperfections. We whiten our teeth, get laser eye surgery, butt implants or nose jobs. Why can’t we embrace our perfect imperfections?

For me, my perfect imperfection has always been my weight. I spent most of life as a size zero and I constantly complained that I was too skinny. At the time, I would wish to gain weight. I was envious of people who were a size 7. To me that was the perfect size. Everyone around me thought I was crazy, but being stick skinny was never something that was appealing to me. I ate a lot of food, most of it unhealthy, but I couldn’t gain weight.

Fast forward to 2013, I am no longer a size 0, but for some reason, I feel as though I am too fat. I must admit that I am not fat but it’s ironic that when I finally started to gain weight, I became motivated to lose the additional pounds. Never satisfied with my appearance, I began to question why I couldn’t embrace my perfect imperfections.

People aren’t meant to look the same. Could you imagine a world where everyone looked identical? We would miss out on the beauty of our individuality. The world is a great place because it is filled with people who are short or tall, “fat” or “skinny”, of different colors and from different backgrounds. We need to start seeing our imperfections as perfection and stop being so judgmental of ourselves. Only when we do this will we be completely happy with ourselves, and stop taking 100’s of selfies to find that 1 that we think we look great in!

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