Inner Self.

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Throughout my childhood, I felt that the world was mine to conquer. I dreamt of being a singer, dancer, athlete, superhero and engineer (following in my father’s footsteps) all at the same time. I was confident that I would do great things with my life. However, somewhere throughout the journey of my life, I lost grips with myself and my identity became diluted in the pool of my surroundings. Why did my fears lead me down a path that distanced me from myself?

I often try to understand my fears. Why do my fears influence my decisions so heavily? What am I afraid of? The answer to these questions is simple. I’m afraid to be myself. I’m afraid that if I venture into a project or unfamiliar territory with both feet that I may either succeed or fail. By ‘playing it safe’ I never have to worry about the pain of failing because I was never really 100% committed to the decision I made.

Somewhere deep in my mind, I know that I created a life in a tiny cocoon that protects me from sadness, pain or failure. By doing this, I’ve done a grave disservice to myself, and the life I’ve created for myself. Life is about taking leaps of faith. It’s about getting hurt and rebuilding yourself. It’s about venturing into unfamiliar territory and becoming stronger human beings. It’s about falling completely in love, without the fear of being hurt. It’s about taking a job that you thought you wanted, only to realize that your previous job was perfect for you.

Life is about being as fearless in life as you were throughout your childhood. Become that singer, dancer, athlete, superhero and engineer simultaneously, and appreciate it.  Be as excited about your life as you were when you were a child and push yourself to be amazing.

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