My Invisible Crown

SAMSUNGLately, I have been working hard to fight the psychological conditioning I received growing up. I am not a feminist. Actually I am a feminist, but I don’t like the negative emotions that the word “feminist” rises in people. I believe in the power of a woman. I believe in her strength, her confidence, and her willpower.

Society has taught me that as a woman, I need to compromise on my goals and become less ambitious. That I can only achieve a certain level of success in my career until I am must choose between it and my family. The media taught me that my self-worth is directly correlated with having children, and not the level of education I have attained. That I should focus on finding a husband, get married and not focus on becoming the CEO of a large multinational company.

For lack of a better term, I call societies social conditioning ‘bullshit’. Why? Because I believe that as a woman I am great. My goals in life should be internal to me, and not impacted by the world around me. Ones surroundings can cause one to create my own mental limitations and roadblocks that prevent them from accomplishing my goals. As a woman, I have a gift. A gift to create any life that I see fitting and the willpower and motivation to climb any mountain.

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