Winter You’ve Overstayed Your Welcome!

Winter used to be my favorite season. I loved looking out of my window and seeing beds of white snow. It reminded me of my childhood. I used to throw snowballs at passing cars with my friends (yes I was a mischievous child), make snowmen and snow angels, and go skating outside. Those were the good old days, and until recently I wished I could still do that. That was until the winter vortex decided to make its way a little further south than it normally did.

This winter has been abnormally cold. I usually love this weather. There aren’t many countries that experience the cold and snow, so I always considered myself fortunate. However, this year I’ve dreaded stepping foot outside the warmth of my home. Being trapped indoors is awful and I cannot wait for this terrible weather to be over with.

Yesterday, the weather was amazing. I thought ‘FINALLY the torturous days of uncontrollable asthma attacks are over’. This winter caused me to have so many issues with my asthma that I thought I would definitely end up in an emergency room. I would be sitting watching television and sporadically I would start to suffocate.  I have never been so grateful to the inventor of the inhaler. Whoever she/he is saved my life on many occasions this winter, and I have never looked forward to warmer weather than now. Yesterday felt like a teaser to the upcoming season of your favorite television show that ended on a cliff hanger. This waiting period is frustrating. I want Spring to start so that I can dust off my rollerblades, clean my bike and spend more time outdoors.

Think Positive: Be Patient, winter will be over soon.

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