Ray of Light

Every once in a while I find myself overcome with sadness. I’m not sure what causes me to feel such negative feelings, but there they are – trying to make me feel defeated. Perhaps it’s my overly analytical mind causing me to overthink situations and see things that aren’t there. Or, maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me; reinforcing the fear that I won’t be able to accomplish the goals that i’ve set  forth for myself? Whatever the reason, here are these feelings, pushing their way into my positive aura.

Thankfully, I know that these feelings won’t be present for much longer. I can feel positive energy rising inside me, and I know it’s only a matter of time until these unwelcome visitors called fear and insecurity are silenced. I remember a time in my life when I would succumb to the negative feelings inside me and allow them to consume me. Ultimately causing me to feel deep level of sadness that forced me to lose grip with reality. I learned a valuable lesson during these times. I learned to fight for myself. Something in me told me that I needed to understand my value and fight for myself. To understand that the feelings I allow my body to indulge in are a choice, and that I can control how I react and perceive the world.

This has caused me to develop an internal strength I never knew existed, and in times of sadness, I am reminded that my strength and positive energy aren’t something that can easily be defeated.  I understand my worth and fight for my happiness. Being defeated isn’t an option – and this moment of sadness will pass.

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