A Glimmer Of Greatness

Every now and then, amidst the chaos, I take a minute to pause and appreciate the world around me. I look at the people around me and find myself silently thanking them for being a part of my bubble. Although there are times when these people bring out qualities in me that I don’t necessarily like, they have helped me become a better person, and I feel inspired by their presence in my life.

Even as I sit at my desk writing this blogpost, I can’t help but find amazement in the relationships I have created with the people I work with. Each of these people come from different backgrounds, and are a product of different life experiences, and yet they are present in my daily life. I am a strong believer that people are placed in your life to serve a purpose and sometimes I find myself curious to see how these people will impact my life. Though I may not always see eye to eye with these people, I find them inspiring. I work with such remarkable people who work hard, dream big and are simply trying to create a better life for their loved ones.

Perhaps I sound as though I live in my own bubble of positivity, or in a fairy tale world, and maybe I do, but I choose to focus on the positivity around me. I once heard that your outlook on the world dictates your level of happiness, and I firmly believe this to be true. After all, aren’t 99% of your fears and worries mostly made up scenarios in your head? Through changing my outlook, it has allowed me to change how I perceive the world around me. People that I once found intolerable have become a source of inspiration in my life. I know that they possess qualities that I don’t like, like any human being, including myself, but they also possess a level of greatness, and I am grateful to see a glimmer of that greatness.

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