You Are Unique Just Like Everyone Else

Deep in my heart I believe that each person has greatness in them. Call me naïve, many people do, but I think one of the most beautiful things in the world is to see people being themselves. Sadly, growing up in a judgmental society where you are taught to have a certain color hair, be of an ‘attractive weight’ or dress a certain way, people become enclosed and refrain from expressing themselves. This is very disheartening to see.

I think Facebook and other social media sites further reinforce a person’s need to conform to societal standards of what is acceptable and what isn’t. Many of us use Facebook to reconnect with old friends and family, which is great, but I think many of us subliminally start to use other people’s success stories as benchmarks for the types of lives we should lead. Somewhere along the line, instead of leading a life that makes us happy, we start to unintentionally train ourselves to think that our lives are inadequate and we start to shift our priorities. We feed into an individual’s online persona which probably represents 30% of a person’s life, however in our minds we genuinely start to believe that we are seeing an individual’s entire life. When in fact, this isn’t true. We all have our ups and downs. In our own way, we’re struggling to find our way through life. While we naturally share our peeks, we also refrain from sharing our low points.

Being the rebel that I have always been, I want to share the pitfalls of my life. I have been told that through my blog I am too transparent with my thoughts and opinions, and that I need to stop being so open. But, my thoughts aren’t any different from what another person is thinking or feeling. I’m human, and I prefer to connect with people on an emotional level. I think that our thoughts can sometimes be our worst enemy and if we don’t discuss or express them, we allow our internal voices to control us. When we visit social media sites, we need to understand that a person’s profile isn’t an accurate depiction of their lives. They are simply looking for an outlet to express the happy moments in their lives. However, deep down, we all have the same fears and insecurities. We’re all the same, on our own unique path through life.

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