Sometimes I feel as though I am stuck in quick sand in the middle of a cross road. Afraid to move, for fear of sinking in deeper, I slowly look around me to see which road I want to travel.  I am faced with the decision of who I want to be as a person, and the type of life I want to create for myself.

To my left, I see a life focused on my career. This is a road that I am familiar with. A workaholic by nature, I love to work and reap the rewards of my hard work. However, I question whether this road is still for me. Do I want to make my work my life? Yes it will bring me all of the luxuries in life, but do I want to be defined by what I have, instead of who I am?

To my right, I see a simple life with a white picket fence. I am outside watering the grass and feel a sense of inner peace and calm. My feelings of aggression, motivation and determination have disappeared and I am simply content with being in my own skin. I don’t have a very big house, but I feel wealthy.

And then there is the road ahead of me. I can’t make out what is in front of me, it’s shielded by fog. But, for some reason I feel excited by it. Maybe it’s the feeling of not knowing what’s there that makes me want to impulsively jump out of the quick sand and sprint in its direction. However, I am reluctant to act on my impulses. If I move too quickly, I will sink into the sand, and the roads ahead of me will disappear.

So as I slowly try to maneuver myself out of the sand, I patiently recite the wise words my uncle once told me.

“Sandy, one thing you need to remember about your career is, you
can achieve anything you want to, but you need to look at the costs
associated with the decisions you make. I am very successful in my
career, but I had to sacrifice time with my children. I would come home
from work and open up my computer. I would take a break to eat dinner,
and then I would get back to work. I had to sacrifice a lot. Now that I am
older, I maybe would have done things a bit differently”.

As I look at the roads that lay ahead of me, I question my choices and realize that the roads to my left and right are extreme examples of what is important to me. Perhaps the foggy road ahead of me is the road I’m meant to take. Where I learn to balance my work and family life, and create a legacy for myself. As I reach this realization, I can feel the sand loosen around my legs and slowly disappear.

I am free to walk the path I choose.

One thought on “Quicksand

  1. Your own path is always the best one to follow…Keep going and the fog will disappear to leave a blue sky and warm sun! 🙂

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