Hello To My Future Self

Every morning, I wake up and feel as though I’m waking up to a brand new me. It’s a strange feeling, one where I am completely out of my element. I almost feel intimidated by myself. I’m not sure where this feeling comes from. Its deep rooted inside me.  Perhaps it stems from knowing that the person I am in the morning won’t be the same in the evening. That I will evolve as a person because of the unforeseen events of the day.

It’s a strange feeling, knowing that you are constantly growing. That you are a product of the events that take place in your life, and your reaction to them will shape the person you become.

Last year, when I made the conscious decision to make myself a priority in my life and to live my life on purpose, I never could have imagined the strides I would make. I had been floating through life for so many years, following other people’s agendas and helping them achieve their goals. Somewhere along the road, I forgot to respect myself enough to nurture my own growth.

Making myself a priority, I was able to grow my own wings and see the world around me for what it really is. I started to see attributes in those around me that didn’t mesh well with the person I want to be. I started to see things in my environment that hindered my growth, and learned to distance myself from those places. The distancing was gradual, and looking back, I feel disappointed in the person I was. I don’t regret the decisions I made. After all, those decisions allowed me to learn the lessons I needed to learn.

Each day I grew as a person, and before I realized it I became a different person. I started looking for lessons in everything I do. Some may say that I am over analytical of my life, and they can say whatever they want. They are on their own path, and have their own lessons and obstacles to overcome. But, I know that I am happier. I see area of growth in my personality and the knowledge helps me evolve my behavior so that I can be a happier person.

I am grateful that I am aware of my behavior, and proud of my ability to allow myself to grow.  I don’t know the person I will be in a week, month or year from now. But my openness to learn makes me excited for any obstacle that I may have to overcome.


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