To be Young Again…

I love when it rains. Not only because it helps clean up the polluted air, making it easier for me to breathe (shout out to all those diagnosed with Eosphilophic Pneumonia…I know you can relate), but because rain is awesome. I know I’m an adult now, 31 going on 32 to be exact, but when I see rain pouring outside my living room window, I find myself fighting the urge to put on my red rain boots, rush outside and splash in the puddles. I can almost hear my mum yelling “don’t make a mess on my floors when you come inside”.

Lucky for me I’m “grown” now, and have my own house. I can make all the mess I want, and no one can yell at me. Well I guess my husband could, but lets be honest…who listens to husbands? True, I’ll have to clean it up afterwards, and maybe that’s what deters me from actually going outside, but feeling the drops of water on your face, it’s so liberating.

Being young is awesome! You don’t have to worry about dirty floors or loads of laundry.
You can go outside and have fun! Enjoy yourself… those were the good old days!


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