The Rat Race

It’s Monday morning and I grudgingly make my way through the office doors and into the lobby. I press the elevator button and wait for the elevator doors to open. We only have 4 floors in our building, yet for some reason, I find myself standing impatiently for what seems like eternity. When the elevator doors final open, I press the button for my floor. As the doors close, its official, the countdown to the weekend begins.

Am I the only person who starts their countdown to the weekend on Mondays?

Some may say that my countdown starts prematurely. I would disagree. Our work weeks are far too long, and our weekends are too short. It makes me question our society. Do we work to live or live to work?  My workplace is great. I can choose to work from home or go into the office whenever I please. So long as my work is complete and deadlines are met, I have great flexibility. However, I am still using the bulk of my day working. I am not enjoying my friends or family and creating memories. Instead, I am spending most of my day inflating a bank account. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my job and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been blessed with. But I question if there is more to life that I am missing out on.

Recently I watched a viral video that highlighted the value of our time, and it made me question whether I am making the most of it. Five days a week, I leave for the office around 9:00am in the morning, and return home around 7:00pm. In time to make dinner, watch a few television shows and head to bed.  The weekends are usually filled with errands, chores and family functions. And within a blink of an eye the weekend is over and its back to the rat race.

I find it frustrating that so much emphasis is being placed on mental health awareness and mental health issues, but the government refuses to recognize the root cause of these issues. The root cause is that our population is overworked. In Canada, we are legally entitled to two weeks of vacation. God forbid you get sick, because you’ll need to use a week of vacation to recoup. Leaving you with one week of vacation for the rest of the year.

In most places in Europe, I think they receive a minimum of four weeks of vacation. That seems much more reasonable to me. If I had more vacation time to look forward to, perhaps I wouldn’t start the countdown to the weekend on Monday mornings.

Just a thought.


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