Maternity Stores Are Gimmicks!

Pregnancy clothes are a gimmick. They are expensive and you only wear them for 9 months. What do you do with them afterwards? Nothing. You put them in a box and store them under your bed because you don’t have the heart to throw out items that you’ve spent your hard-earned money on. So why bother buying them? If you have a petite frame like myself, you can purchase cheap clothes in Large or Extra Large sizes from cheap department stores and donate them afterwards. It’s a win-win situation!

At least that is what I thought until yesterday.

I am only 3 months pregnant, and have already popped. I grew so quickly that my body hasn’t had a chance to catch up, and yesterday I had excoriating lower back pain. I went to Sherway Gardens, a mall nearby hoping to find some relief. As I walked through the mall, I couldn’t find a single maternity store. Yes you read that correctly, I was looking for a maternity store. I was desperate to find some relief from my back pain. I gave up and walked into a Baby Gap and my worst fear was confirmed. They didn’t have any maternity stores in the mall. Not a single one! So naturally my eyes welled up with tears! Because, being hormonal, the world was coming to an end! Fighting back tears I told a sales associate and a new mother about my back problem and was directed to another mall to buy a maternity support belt.

Apparently, as a pregnant lady I have the energy to mall hop! Now I have to walk back to my car empty handed, drive to another mall, find a parking spot, park the car, walk to the store and then pray that they have what I’m looking for.

After driving with tears streaming down my face, because my natural thought is “the world hates me”, I made it to the mall. Yes you read that correctly, I was bawling because I had to drive to another mall to buy something that I needed because apparently it’s not normal to drive to multiple locations to buy what you need! Being hormonal is embarrassing! You would think that my cat just died!

I made it into the maternity store and I was in heaven! I normally purchase my tights (the only pants that seem to fit lately) from Walmart. But those tights are nothing compared to the tights you can buy at maternity stores. They have built in support in the pants. I tried on the tights and I instantly felt better. Why had I been so naïve? This place was my savior! I was like a mad woman picking up everything in sight. Yes I put most of it back, because money doesn’t grow on trees but that’s besides the point! The maternity belt was amazing! Once I put it on, it was though my back pain disappeared. The person who invented it deserves a noble peace prize!

I left the store with 4 pairs of tights, and a maternity belt! I was so happy! Never again will I question the need for maternity stores!


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