January 21, 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I’m back! After a year and a half long hiatus I finally feel ready to write again.

As many of you know, I had a baby in December of 2018 and its safe to say that the experience didn’t go quite as planned. I joined a group of millions of women who battle a mental condition called post-partum depression.

Much of my future blogs will detail my experiences as a mom.  I intend to share my real life experiences and emotions. I refuse to sugarcoat them to make myself look/feel like the perfect mom. I’m a real mom with real experiences. I am looking for guidance on how to get better – so if you have any tips/tricks. THEY ARE WELCOME!

One thought on “January 21, 2019.

  1. You got this! Day by day your little boy will grow up and show you how perfectly perfect you did everything. I’m hoping you find some answers, as I know this can be a difficult time. Don’t sugar coat anything. “Real Truths” is the best way and I highly recommend writing… so very therapeutic. Take care of yourself first. xo LA

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